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Play Station 3 released in Japan, flies off the shelves

The PS3 is out in Japan and avid Japanese gamers have gobbled up all the 100,000 units made available by Sony within no time.

There are two variants of the Playstation 3, one with a 60 GB Hard Drive with onboard wi-fi and the other with a 20 GB Hard Drive without the wi-fi. Both will come with the Blu-Ray disc drive.

The estimated cost for the 60 GB variant is around 60,000 Japanese Yen (USD 510) and the 20 GB variant is cheaper at around 50,000 Japanese Yen (USD 425) approximately.

The PS3 will debut internationally on November 17 in North America, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The PS3's European launch is slated for March 2007.
Sony has set aside 400,000 units for the international launch on November 17.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, November 12, 2006