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Transfer your Excel spreadsheet to an Access table

Hello readers! My post last week on exporting Microsoft Access tables to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets made me wonder about the possibility of accomplishing this task vice versa.

What I feel is the transfer from "Access to Excel" is fairly common compared to "Excel to Access", as most Microsoft Office users are accustomed to Microsoft Excel than Microsoft Access.
The primary purpose of Microsoft Access is that of a database management system and therefore, dosen't provide the unique features that Excel gives.

Transfering data from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table takes only a few simple steps.

1. Open a blank Access database.
Click on File >> Get External Data >> Import.

2. A dialog box will open (figure below) prompting you enter the name of the file.
Type the name of the file.
The important thing here is to select the file type as Microsoft Excel.
Click Import.

3. Clicking Import from the previous step launches tthe Import Spreadsheet Wizard (figure below).
The Worksheets in the Excel file are displayed in a list(worksheet named "info" in the below fig). The data from the worksheet is also displayed in a grid below the list.
Click Next.

4. The next step is a really useful one. Here, you can specify whether the first row in your worksheet can be used as field names for the Access table.
Check the "First Row Contains Column Headings" check box if its required for you.
Click Next.

5. Select the destination table for the data (New in my case as I am exporting to a blank Access database).
Click Next.

6. The next window lets you to specify information about each of the fields you are importing.
You can also avoid importing a field by selecting it and checking the "Do not import field" box.
To import all the fields as is, just click Next.

7. Select the field that will act as a primary key (unique key) in the Access table.
Click Next.

8. Type the name of the destination table.
Click Finish.

9. A new table will be created in your Access database.
Double-click the table to view the data.


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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, November 12, 2006


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