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After laptops, its overheating cameras now

Canon has issued a safety notice regarding overheating problems in two of its digicam models.
The digital camera models affected are the Canon PowerShot A530 and the Canon PowerShot A540.

Canon says the area around the battery cover on the bottom of the camera overheats. This is caused because the battery cover spring sticks out from its usual position.
A short-circuit is a possibility when the battery cover is closed.

Besides overheating, batteries can also get depleted very quickly which reduces the number of shots you could take.

If the first two digits of your camera serial number starts with '21', '22', '23' or '24', open your battery cover and check if the cover spring sticks out.
Check the picture of malfunctioning cameras below.

Canon has mentioned that it will repair the problematic cameras without any charges, even if the digicams are not under warranty.

More important information and pictures from the Canon Support site

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, December 29, 2006