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Avoid Related Images with Adsense ads

Google has made some glaring clarifications regarding the use of images near Adsense ads.

Its not difficult to interpret. Google does not want Adsense publishers to confuse or mislead visitors by placing related images near ad units.
Some Adsense publishers use this tactic to improve their CTR.

If the images and ads appear to be associated, even a small line or space between the images and ads will be against Google's Terms of Service.

Google has also provided examples of unacceptable ads:

The above examples clearly disguise the images as part of the ads. And that's exactly what Google is trying to say.
"Don't mislead visitors by making other images look like they are part of or provided with the Ads".

From my point of view, it all depends on how you place your ads. Even if images are related in some way, try not to confuse visitors. Just make a clear separation between images and ads.
There are also suggestions from Google, like using a full border or changing the color of ad units.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, December 19, 2006