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Dictionary Tooltip: Double-click a word in Firefox to view Dictionary meaning

What is the first thing you do when you come across an unknown word in a web page?

I guess you select the word, copy it, go to a dictionary site or Google, paste and hit enter. Or you directly go to a dictionary website, type the word and press enter.
Then there are the ones who check their heavy dictionary.(No, not the online dictionaries.)

If you are a lazybone like me who finds all these steps damn annoying (especially when reading some really interesting stuff), there is help at hand.

Dictonary Tooltip is a Firefox extension that will completely minimize the steps I mentioned above.

How do I use this?

1. You only have to double-click a word on a web page to view its meaning.
Once you double-click the word, a small window displays the meaning. The meaning is retrieved from an online dictionary site.
You can also choose the dictionary site you want from a given list. As of now, this extension supports about 19 dictionary sites.

The small window that displays the meaning, has a maximize button at the top-right corner. Clicking the maximize button will open its contents in a new tab.

2. An alternate way is to
a. select a word in a web page,
b. right-click the selection and,
c. click View Definition from the menu.

Download Dictionary Tooltip for Firefox

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, December 25, 2006