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Global Rich List: So where do you stand ?

Hello Readers! Each and eveyone of us read enviously when Forbes announces its list of the world's Richie riches every year.
And I bet most of us would simply crave to be in 'THE LIST'. Well! I do.

Unfortunalety the Forbes List ends after a few Richies, leaving many of us to wonder where would we be in a list like that.

The Global Rich List may just be the answer.
Wanna know where you stand? Just go to the Global Rich List site, type your annual income and click "Show me the money!".

The one hindrance here is while entering the amount, as the site supports only five currencies. ( US dollar, UK pound, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar and the Euro)

But hey! You can always use Google's inbuilt Currency Converter to get the latest exchange rates. Read this post to learn about using the Google Currency Converter.

The Global Rich List calculations are based on data from the World Bank Development Research Group. Reason enough for you to not take it as just some crap.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Wow! That site really puts things into perspective! I started putting in numbers, and found that if I made $850US/year, I'd be at the 50% mark.

Makes you think...