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IE : Export / Import Bookmarks (Part 2)

This article is the second part of the "Importing/Exporting bookmarks from various browsers" series.
After the first part which focussed on Firefox, this one will involve the most widely used Web browser, Internet Explorer.
The version used here is IE 6.

Internet Explorer

Export Favorites

1. In IE, go to File >> Import/Export..
This will open the Import/Export Wizard.

2. Click Next to open the "Export/Import Selection" box. Choose "Export Favorites" from the list and click Next.

3. The "Export Favorites Source Folder" box opens up. Select the Favorites folders which you want to export.
Click Next.

4. In the next window, choose the "Export to a file or address" option and select the destination for the bookmarks(favorites) file.
Clicking Next here will open the last window in the wizard. Click Finish to export your IE Favorites.

So an Html file is created which can be used by other browsers as well.

Import Favorites

1. The first two steps are the same as Exporting Favorites, except that in the second step, you have to choose "Import Favorites" here.

2. The next window is the "Import Favorites Source" from where you can select the Html file source that includes favorites.
Choose the "Import from a file or address" option and select the required Html file that you want to Import.

3. Moving ahead, the "Import Favorites Destination Folder" allows you to specify where the new Favorites will appear in the IE favorites menu.
Select "Favourites" folder if you want the new bookmarks to be stored directly under the favorites menu. Click Next.

4. The last window of the wizard appears. Click Finish.

The new Favorites will be visible in the IE Favorites menu.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, December 05, 2006