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Pen that writes without Ink

You read it right!
An 8cm stainless steel metal pen which looks like any ordinary pen. And thats where the comparison ends.

The real deal? Remove the top cover and you will notice the pen has got a metal 'nib'. So, ink is out of question.
Grand Illusions claims this metal pen can be used to write on any type of paper.

How does it write?
When you write, the metal 'nib' of the pen works by leaving a mark on the surface of the paper.

They further claim, the marks left by the pen look as if it was written using a pencil. (and the pictures above prove it).

a. The marks left by the pen will not smudge.
b. Longevity (25 years as claimed by Grand Illusions).
c. No need to sharpen. (Off course, you cannot! Its a metal 'nib'.)

a. Lines once written cannot be rubbed.
b. Not really cheap at $30 USD. (You can probably buy lots of pens and pencil for that amount)

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Picture source and link: Grand Illusions (You can also buy it from there.)

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, December 28, 2006