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Pirates crack Windows Vista in Thailand

Stores in Bangkok are selling pirated copies of Windows Vista RTM at prices ranging from $2.5 to $5.

Some guy apparently bought a copy from one such store for as low as $3.50.
But it was the label on the back cover of the pirated Windows Vista that was surprising.

The label specified that the product key is not required for Vista.
The label contents directed the users to set the BIOS time to the year 2099 before installing Windows Vista. Install Vista and then set the desktop to current time.

The author however was not able to confirm whether this will pass the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage checks.

From my side, I don't think this copy will pass the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage check. But you never know!

Read full story here.
Picture Source: TG DAILY

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, December 14, 2006


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Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read blogs like that. Just add some pics :)