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Sony to provide iTunes like service for PSP

Come 2007 and Sony Playstation Portable users will get an iTunes like store which will allow them to download movies.
With this video download service, Sony has made its intentions clear to grab a pie in the portable video market dominated by Apple's iPod.

Users won't be able to download movies directly to the PSP as it lacks a built-in hard-drive unlike the iPod(upto 80 GB internal drive) or the Zune(30 GB internal drive). Instead, the movies will have to be downloaded to a computer and transferred to a memory stick to be viewed in the PSP.
And this may just be Sony's biggest obstacle.

However, viewing movies(ie the display) in the PSP will definitely be much better than in Apple's iPod and Microsoft's Zune because of the PSP's widescreen and better resolution.

But, I don't think this will present a serious challenge to Apple iPod's domination on the portable video market.
If Sony finds a way to fit a decent internal drive in the PSP, Apple may have reasons to worry.


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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, December 19, 2006