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View your site in different Browsers

Testing a website in different browsers has become a major headache now-a-days with increasing number of users opting for browsers other than Internet Explorer.

I usually test my site for Firefox and Internet Explorer 6. Firefox has a very useful extension called IE Tab than allows you to view web pages in Firefox using the Internet Explorer engine.

This is where will come in handy for many. Browsershots takes screenshots of your web page for different browsers.

To view the web design for different browsers:

1. Go to Browsershots.

2. Submit your URL and Click Start.

This will lead you to a 'Select browsers and configurations' page where you can specify the browsers and other configurations like javascript, screen resolutions, color depth etc...
Click Submit Jobs.

3. On submission, your website will be added to a job queue. You can view the queue status from the Queue page.
The screenshots of your site will appear after some time in the Screenshots page.

The only problem here is you may have to wait a lot once your site is in the job queue. (I missed my blog's screenshots because of the wait time.)

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, December 28, 2006