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Protect Passwords from keyloggers using KeyScrambler

KeyScrambler is a Firefox addon which protects your keystrokes from keyloggers.

What are keyloggers?
Keyloggers are harmful stealth programs like trojans or viruses that record your keystrokes. Your keystrokes may include banking passwords, mail passwords etc.
Some of these keyloggers may have the capability to send your recorded data (i.e passwords) to remote computers.

How will KeyScrambler protect me?
KeyScrambler tames the keyloggers by encrypting the keys you typed at the kernel level.
Keyloggers will only record these encrypted keys and not the original ones.
The encrypted keystrokes are then decrypted at the browser level for you to see.

The biggest advantage here is, you will be protected against unknown keyloggers as well.
While entering sensitive data, a screen is flashed at the top of the browser which displays the encrypted keys.

I have observed mixed results with the limited testing I had performed using KeyScrambler.
KeyScrambler worked perfectly with Firefox on a Windows XP machine.
This did not work with Firefox 2.0 on a Windows Server 2003 computer.

As far as I know, KeyScrambler is only available for Windows. Also, the installation process of this Firefox Addon is more like a normal Windows application installation.
KeyScrambler can also be configured to work with Internet Explorer during installation.

Download and Install KeyScrambler for Firefox
Note: You may also want to read what others have said about this addon at the Mozilla site.
And quite a few people have had problems with this addon. However, you can install it at your own risk.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, January 01, 2007