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Video display in your Spectacles

Oh yes! Now you will be able to watch movies in your eyeglasses.
An Israeli company, Lumus-Optical, has developed spectacles that will redefine the way we watch media content.

The Lumus eyeglasses have proprietary optics lenses with micro-projectors and LCD micro-displays on the side of each lens. These miniature projectors and displays are fitted on the frames of the eyeglasses.
This gadget has the amazing capability to deliver high resolution content in full color.

The latest prototype from Lumus has high VGA resolution with 640 x 480 pixels.
The Lumus is designed to give you the "watching a 60 inch TV from 10 feet away" experience.

The images produced in the Lumus glasses are transparent. This means you will be able to look through the glasses when video content is displayed. The Lumus screen won't block the viewer's vision.

At present, this device is not available for people like you and me.

Lumus will be demonstrating the video glasses at the 2007 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this month.

You can read the full story from here

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, January 02, 2007