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Your Face as password in Lenovo notebooks

Lenovo has unveiled two notebooks in India which store your face as password.
The Lenovo 3000 series Y300 and Y500 models are the ones that was unveiled.

How does it work?
These notebooks come with biometric facial recognition technology that takes digital pictures of your face.
Key facial features are then used from these pictures to create a digital map. This digital map will act as the password.

When unauthorized attempts to login are detected, the notebook takes the snaps and stores the photos in a log which can be referred later.

I would still bet, users will find ways to work around this. It's only a matter of time!

The Lenovo 3000 Y300 retails for 61,990 INR and the Y500 is priced between 31,900 INR to 69,990 INR.

Read full story from Hindu Business Line

Check the Video below for the Lenovo notebooks (via Digital I.T Blog, Thanks to Atul)

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, January 03, 2007