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Sony turns PS3 into a 'Social Networking Console' with Playstation Home

Sony has announced a social networking virtual world for its gaming console, Playstation 3.

Dubbed Playstation Home, this is very similar to Second Life, although with much better graphics ( offcourse its the ps3).
Playstation Home will offer games, music, movies etc to its users.

Users will be provided Public and Private spaces within the virtual world. 3D avatars will represent users.
You'll also be able to buy clothing, furniture for your virtual apartments. And guess what? The videos you buy on 'Home' can be viewed on virtual screens from your virtual apartment.

Sony Playstation's partial deviation from hardcore gaming to social networking is targeted at prospective non-gaming users and with an eye to push up sales which is clearly lagging behind its competitors.
I'm still not convinced whether buyers, especially the not so avid gamers will loosen their purse strings for a 'social networking console'.
But you never know! The social networking concept has worked well for Web 2.0.

Real life is way much better though.

via TechTree | Gizmodo
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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Saturday, March 10, 2007