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All Top Videos from Popular sites in One place

If you're addicted to videos on the web, then PureVideo will surely save you loads of time. PureVideo shows the top videos and clips from a whole lot of video sharing sites.
The videos are neatly categorized into Viral, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Research, Comedy.

Another feature here is you can create your own personal web video guide at While creating your personal web video guide, you can choose from over 200 video feeds. You saw it right! Yeah! more than 200 video feeds.

To add a video feed, just click the one you want from the left pane of the site. A 'box' displaying the top 10 videos will be added to your guide. You can also add 'boxes' based on keywords which display top video content from multiple sources.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, April 09, 2007