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Easily resize images online with Quick Thumbnail

Quick Thumbnail is a free online service that lets you, well, resize an image. The site's got a nice and clean user-friendly look.

Just select an image, choose the resize options and hit the Resize button. That's it! Your image is uploaded to the server and the resized images appear on a single page. You can then download the resized images from the page.
Users can choose to resize by percentage, fixed sizes and by standard sizes. Using the standard size, you can create icons, banners, thumbnails, avatars etc of your image.

As of now, you can only upload gif, jpg, jpeg and png files. They have also kept a file size limit of 1.5 MB.

The website further claims:
Images are deleted off the server 10min after upload, renamed during the upload process so no other user can view them and copies or image information is not collected by Quick Thumbnail.
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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, April 27, 2007