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French Train breaks Speed Record; Travelled almost as fast as a plane

A French high-speed TGV train has just surpassed the world record for the fastest train on conventional rails on the Paris-Strasbourg line.
The V150 which is a modified TGV, reached an astonshing 574.8Km/h (356mph), and in doing so, broke the old record set by the TGV way back in 1990.

The modified TGV had larger wheels, 3 cars and 2 engines. According to BBC, at top speed, the train was almost as fast as a WW2 fighter.

Below is a video of this train I stumbled upon at YouTube. This video however is not of the record breaking attempt.

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Source and Picture Credits: BBC
Video originally posted by Nicos51

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, April 03, 2007