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Reduce Firefox Tab Size with FaviconizeTab

1FaviconizeTab is a nice little Firefox addon that helps you manage your tab space effectively by shrinking any particular tabs you choose.
It reduces tabs to the extent that only the favicon, i.e the icon is displayed in the tabs.

How do I shrink a tab using FaviconizeTab?
Just right-click the tab and select FaviconizeTab from the menu.

How do I restore the original size of the Tab?
Again so easy. Right-click the shrunk tab and uncheck FaviconizeTab.

This addon has only got two sets of options:
1. One is Quick Faviconize where you can assign shortcuts to shrink tabs.
2. The other option is Auto Faviconize where you specify the url of a website that has to be reduced. The tab will be reduced automatically when you visit the web page.

Install FaviconizeTab

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, April 06, 2007


Pretty cool... it would be nice if you could use it on icons on the toolbar too. I have a bunch of bookmark folders and shortcuts on my toolbar that I'd love to be able to control more easily. Some add-on or maybe firefox 3.x has also made my tabs ridiculously tall as well as wide. Being able to customize tabs for sites you visit frequently would also be cool. (For instance, 'G' for Google, 'Y' for Yahoo, etc.
Doh. Never mind half of that last post. Your extension already does a good job with shortening the tab to just what you need to identify it. I guess I was talking more about icons...