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Make Windows beep when you hit Caps Lock

183Not just Caps Lock, this also applies to Num lock and Scroll lock keys as well. You can set Windows to alert you with sounds when you press any of the above mentioned keys by mistake.

In Windows XP:
1. Go to Control Panel >> Accessibility Options to open the Accessibility Options window.
2. Tick Use ToggleKeys in the ToggleKeys section. Click Ok to close the window.

How to do this in Windows Vista?
Windows Vista users can navigate to Control Panel >> Ease of Access Center >> Make the keyboard easier to use to turn on the sounds.

That's it! The next time you accidentally hit caps lock, num lock or scroll lock, Windows will alert you with a nice little beep.

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Via [How-to Geek]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, April 18, 2007