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Quick Guide to Mouseless surfing. Surf the Web "Without Touching the Mouse"!

Believe me! It is easy, so easy.
How to do this?

You got to have Firefox with the Mouseless Browsing84 addon. Mouseless Browsing is a really cool addon for those who hate that damn mouse.
It assigns numbers to the links and other elements on a web page (Image below), which allows you to surf the web by using the numpad keys on the keyboard.

So, if you want to click a link on a webpage, just type the number (from the numpad keys) that is next to the link and press the Enter key on the numpad (Remember to press Enter quickly). Offcourse, you can anyway assign a different key in the Mouseless Browsing settings.

However, the default keys in the settings for Mouseless Browsing turned out to be just perfect for me.
The numpad Add button opens a link in a new tab, the divide and multiply keys made it so easy to navigate history, etc..
(Tip: If you ever get stuck in a text box on a page (for eg: the Google search box), where this addon doesn't work, just press the Tab key on your keyboard to get out of it.)

For a complete mouseless surfing experience, this addon must be used in sync with two Firefox shortcuts.
Ctrl + Tab to navigate to all the open tabs.
Ctrl + W to close a tab.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Great advise, I think accessibility on website for those who are challenged is becoming more important as we depend on web technology throughout our daily life activities at home, school, businesses, and even while searching for leisure activities.