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Send Files upto 1 GB at a time to your Yahoo! Messenger Contacts

That's exactly what you can do after you download and install the Pando plugin for Yahoo! Messenger. And not just files, infact you can even send large folders at a time to your messenger contacts.
Oh! And by the way, your contacts must be online and they must have this plugin installed.

What do you need to install Yahoo! Messenger Pando plugin?
Well, installing this plugin wasn't as smooth as I initially thought. Anyway I managed to do it.
At this moment, the Pando plugin can only be installed for Windows machines. I tested it successfully on Windows XP.
Another important thing; this plugin only works for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice version 8.0 or higher.
I used Internet Explorer as for some reason Firefox didn't do the trick for me.

How to install?
Go to the Yahoo! Gallery page for Pando and click Install.
Yahoo Messenger will prompt you to sign in if you aren't already signed in. Login with the ID for which you want Pando installed.
Wait a few moments and Pando will appear in your My Plugins area of Yahoo! Messenger.

As you can see from the image above, use the three buttons to transfer files. You can check this page for a complete guide to using this plugin.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, April 02, 2007