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Bizarre: Spyware maker sues Anti-Spyware maker

Zango, a spyware maker that installs software on computers of unsuspecting users without warning is suing anti-spyware maker PC Tools(Makers of Spyware Doctor) for removing Zango's software from computers without warning users. How weird is that?

According to, Zango is seeking $35 million in damages. The software in question is Spyware Doctor, which is a part of Google Pack.

So where does Zango go awfully wrong?
Based on tests conducted by Sunbelt Software Director of Malware Research, Eric Howes, Spyware Doctor clearly alerted users prior to deleting Zango's software.
So the accusation of removing Zango's software 'without warning users' may turn out to be invalid.

Zango, formerly know as 180solutions has been accused by computer users for installing software without warning and which is difficult to remove. Their software is known to serve unwanted pop-up ads on infected computers.

Zango's publicity stunt can easily turn out to be a costly one. What do you say about this?

[Update: Zango has lost in court to PC Tools]

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Source InfoWorld
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, May 23, 2007