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Check who blocked or deleted you on MSN with Blockoo

[Update Warning: Since the last few days this post has been receiving visitors from search engines with keywords like 'blockoo malware' and 'blockoo msn virus'. You can also read about this from here. Tech Xpress recommends you to exercise caution while using 'blockoo'. If you don't trust blockoo, do not use it.]

If you wanna see who blocked or deleted you on MSN or Windows Live Messenger, then Blockoo is for you!

The site has quite a user friendly interface and getting the list of people who blocked/deleted you shouldn't be a problem. I haven't personally checked the service as I don't have an MSN account.
The steps to use Blockoo are easy as well:

1. Go to Blockoo.
2. Type your MSN account and password and click the 'Get List!' button. That's all. Now Blockoo will connect to MSN server and display the list of people who blocked or deleted you.

A concern here is we are submitting our user name and password to Blockoo. Can we assume it is safe? Well, here's what Blockoo has mentioned in its FAQ.

Is it safe?
Yes. Some sites store you password in their database, however we opted to save it in your own computer in a cookie (a file containing you password), and the cookie is deleted automatically when you close you web browser.

So, use this service at your own risk.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, May 28, 2007


This fuctionality is builtin Pidgin!