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Gmail Increases Maximum Mail Attachment size to 20 MB

Now you can send files up to 20 MB in size through Gmail attachments. Gmail has upgraded its maximum file attachment size to 20 MB from the older, but generous, 10 MB.

Only last week, Yahoo had announced roll-out of unlimited email storage to users. And this Gmail upgrade seems to be a direct result of that, although a trivial upgrade for users like me.

The problem now is the limited number of email providers which accept 20 MB file attachments. At the moment, Yahoo! Mail doesn't accept 20 MB email attachments, but that may not be far away considering they are in the process of upgrading their storage.
However, premium packages from Yahoo, like Yahoo Mail Plus and from other services can receive large mails. Off course, you can always send them to other Gmail accounts.

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Via Google Operating System

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, May 23, 2007