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How to Quickly Ping blog services using Bookmarks

Updated blog! Got to ping..
That has been my routine since some time now. Those who are not aware, pinging here means to tell other blog services like Technorati, Google Blog Search that I have updated my blog.
It's sort of "Hey, just wanted to tell you that I have updated my blog. Now you can update the changes on your side".

Instead of pinging each and every blog service out there, many use services like Pingoat or Pingomatic which lets you ping many blog services simultaneously.
Even here, you have to enter details like your site name, url, feed url besides selecting the services you would like to ping, before sending the ping with a button click.
Once you click the button a new page is loaded which shows the response from the pinged sites. This is an important page! Bookmark it! Yes, bookmark the response page i.e the second page.

The next time you update your site, just hit the bookmark and you are done. No need to enter any data.
I personally ping use Pingoat and Google Blog Search Ping service.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, May 09, 2007