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How Yahoo is online 24x7

Sometimes, even Yahoo employees use Google from inside Yahoo. May be not all or most of them, but one certainly used Google as you can see from the image below. The image is a statcounter screenshot I took two days ago. (Those who cannot see the image below, click here)

Apparently, someone was trying to find out 'ways to bypass megaupload restrictions'. Off course, one shouldn't be surprised if some one's using Google.
The interesting fact here is the ISP listed in the picture; Yahoo Bangalore Network Operating Center. Yahoo has two main NOCs or Network Operating Centers in the world; one in California, US and the other in Bangalore, India. These NOCs are the primary centers responsible for keeping Yahoo online, all the time.
Also, the Indian center takes over when the American NOC is done for the day, and that lets them take advantage of the time difference between them.

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