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Yahoo launches Web based Yahoo! Messenger

Finally, Yahoo has released the web based beta version of it popular messenger service. What this basically means is, now you don't need to download Yahoo! Messenger on your computer to chat with your buddies.

Just head over to or and login to chat with your pals. Since this web based messenger is lightweight as compared to the desktop one, it doesn't have all the features the desktop one has, notably voice and webcam.

Yahoo! Messenger for the web supports all web browsers, so you don't need to worry whether you use a PC or Mac. Two features include message archiving (which also lets you search your conversation history) and emotions.
Also, the chat windows are arranged in tabs.
Tabs? That sounds so familiar! Oh yes! I remember, Google Talk Gadget does that.
Moreover, the web based IM is integrated with Windows Live messenger.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, May 03, 2007