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Yahoo! Mail to offer Unlimited Storage from Today

1Yahooooo...! After its announcement nearly six weeks ago, Yahoo has started to roll out its unlimited email storage to all Yahoo! Mail users from today, claims John Kremer, VP Yahoo! Mail, in Yodel Anecdotal.

So when your account goes unlimited, the storage meter will be gone once and for all. However, the transition won't be instant; it will be a few months before every Yahoo! Mail account goes unlimited.

With this, Yahoo has inched ahead of Gmail, its closest competitor, in terms of email storage. Remember Gmail was the one which popularized the concept of gigabyte email storage at a time when Yahoo used to offer 4 MB and Hotmail 2MB. Yahoo's unlimited storage clearly dwarfs Gmail's present 2.6 GB.
Wonder what Google's got next up its sleeve?

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Via Yodel Anecdotal

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well, indeed this is one of the most interesting fight ever :) I remember those days when I used to search a lot for a service which offers something more than 10 mb for email storage..he he he.

I'm sure Google will find no difficulty in announcing unlimited storage they are already increasing the space...and never thought of stopping it.
First of all, Thanks a lot for taking out time to comment here..
Well, there was a time when used to offer 4 MB and most of my buddies had an account in the domain, which offered 6 MB.
I could never figure that 2 MB discrepancy..