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AOL Mail to offer Unlimited Storage

This had to happen! Especially after Yahoo removed the storage size limit from Yahoo Mail.
AOL Mail, the third most popular U.S mail service provider will offer unlimited storage to its 53 million email accounts. Not sure whether users will be in awe over this unlimited thing.

Other interesting features expected are in-built chatting integration with AIM, RSS feed support, searching through attachments, and support for POP and IMAP.
Apart from this, user interface improvements are also in the pipeline.

Personally, Gmail's dynamically ticking storage concept has expectedly become a bit uninteresting but is not too bad. Anyway 2.8 GB it good enough for me and must be for at a lot many. At least, it is different.

More details available here85

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, June 11, 2007