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Clean Firefox Context Menu with Menu Editor

Amit has written a post on a productive add-on for Firefox that lets you manage which items appear in your Firefox right-click menu and the Main menu bar. The main menu bar is the one on top that contains File,Edit,View etc.

If you are a Firefox junkie like me who's got tons of add-ons installed, this one is for keeps. More the add-ons, longer the right-click menu list. A longer list definitely slows Firefox's response time. Enter Menu Editor!
Menu Editor is a Firefox add-on that allows you to clean your right-click menu and main menu bar by allowing you to easily rearrange or remove menu items from them.

So you would want to install it and get rid of rarely used items. Once installed, you can access Menu Editor by going to Tools >> Add-ons.

Very useful if you want to increase the response time of Firefox. Menu Editor is definitely worth a try. What do you say?

Get Menu Editor

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, June 11, 2007


Comment by Anonymous kawaii on July 27, 2008 at 12:39 PM  
Do you know how to access the AddOns window if you have hidden the AddOns option with the editor?