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Convert Audio and Video files Online for Free with Media Convert

Wanna convert your audio or video file into a different format without installing any software? Well! I stumbled upon a site that let's you do that. Media Convert vx2 is a web based service that lets you convert video and audio files into different formats. And it is Free!

You can upload a file up to 150 MB in size. Yup! there is a size limit.
There are two ways to upload a file; either upload a file directly from your computer or provide a url to the media file.
Specify the input and output types for the file in the boxes provided.
The input type is automatically detected when you choose to upload the file directly from your computer. If you choose to provide the url link of the file to be converted, you'll have to explicitly specify the input type of the file.

Conversion may take time depending on various factors like Internet connection, size of file etc. There are other online services too, like Zamzar, which lets you convert files between various formats and Vixy, which is an online flash video converter.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, June 12, 2007