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Powerpoint viewer introduced in Gmail

Google has embedded a PowerPoint viewer in Gmail which let's you view PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) and PowerPoint Show (PPS) files within Gmail. Now you can watch powerpoint slides within Gmail, even if you don't have PowerPoint installed on your computer.

How to view the slides?
When you receive PowerPoint files as attachments in Gmail, a 'View as slideshow' link is displayed. Clicking it will open a new page where you can view the slides. The slide show page has two navigation buttons to move through each slide.
A drop-down menu is also present which shows all the slides in the file. Use the drop-down menu to jump to any slide within the file.

This wasn't unexpected as Google had already disclosed that its working on adding a PowerPoint like presentation tool in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Once included in Google Docs & Spreadsheets, the presentation tool will complete Google's online Office suite offering.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, June 13, 2007