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Not a Bird or Plane; Its a Robotic Fly!

Always used to love those gadgets they showed in cartoons! This one isn't from cartoons; its real and quite intriguing to say the least.
The next time you hear that annoying buzzing around you, be sure to take a closer look, for that fly may be doing more than you think.

(Image source: Technology Review. Those who can't view the image above, click here)
Scientists have built a tiny robotic fly which looks( Well! Almost) like a fly and flies like the real thing. With a wingspan of about 3cm and weighting 60 milligrams, the device is meant to be used for military surveillance (spying would be a better word for civilians like us), rescue operations, exploring dangerous and inaccessible places etc.

The robot mimics the moments of a real fly by flapping its wings more than 100 times a second, and generates enough thrust for it to lift off vertically. At present, the fly requires to be powered externally. Check out the videos here & here.

Apart from the uses listed above, my mind only seems to thinking a bit evil; or maybe not.
So friends, what do you say about this?

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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