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Personal Data Stolen? What Precautions can you take?

According to computer security firm Symantec, some users have started receiving fraudulent phishing emails after it was reported last week that attackers stole personal data of users from the popular job website. The attack caused usernames, email & home addresses, phone numbers of several Monster users to be uploaded to a remote machine.

What can the attackers do if my data is with them?
A lot of things; email spam being the most common. However, it is phishing which can cause a lot more pain than spam.
So beware if you receive genuine looking emails even if it includes your personal information, for you could be a possible phishing target.
This brings us to the topic of 'Phishing'. What is it? How can one stay safe online? How phishers steal bank account passwords from unsuspecting users?

Check out a detailed post I had written a few months ago that explains Phishing and how to protect your bank account from being phished. Just thought this was the right time to revisit that post.

Hope this helps. Have a Happy and Safe browsing experience!

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, August 22, 2007