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Security tip - How to Scan Files for Viruses before Downloading

Haven't got an antivirus in your computer? Well! Dr Web may be just what you need.
Dr. Web Anti virus provides a small plugin which allows you to scan files for viruses/trojans before you download them to your computer.

In fact, Dr. Web will allow you to scan any file that you're about to download from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera browsers. This plugin has been integrated into the Mozilla Thunderbird email client as well.

How to install Dr Web plugin for-
Internet Explorer:

The plugin adds a 'Scan with Dr Web' in the right-click context menu. To scan a file online, just right-click the link of the file from your browser and click 'Scan with Dr Web'.

This plugin won't work on files that are private, for example, attachments in emails. Off course yes, Dr Web doesn't know your email account password.
However, if you don't want to install this plugin, there are other ways to scan files for viruses without installing an antivirus in your machine.

Although online virus scanning is an interesting technique, an anti virus on your computer is recommended and the safest available option. When it comes to free anti-virus products, I prefer and use AVG Antivirus. Which ones do you use?

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, September 04, 2007