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Add Favourites to Open/Save Dialog boxes in Windows

Wanna be more productive with Windows? Check out this utility program..
FileBox eXtender is a small application that adds more features to the standard Open/Save dialog boxes, Explorer folders and other boxes in Windows.

With this software, you get the option of adding some new features and buttons to folders and dialog boxes in Windows. It's Free and available for Windows XP and olders versions. Currently, Windows Vista is not supported.

Some features included are:
Favourites menu button - You can add any folders/files as favourites in a menu; This allows you to quickly access them from any Open/Save boxes or Folders.
Push-pin button - Doesn't cause the currently open window to loose focus.
Roll-up button - Hides the currently open window; Only the title bar is shown. Clicking the same button again displays the window.

Besides this, you can add 'Recently view files' & make the Open and Save dialog boxes larger or smaller depending on your needs.
Do you use any other utility applications? If yes, do let us know with your comments...

[Download FileBox eXtender (Windows XP & previous versions)]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, October 21, 2007