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Quickies - 'Stinky' Dog & 'Spinning' Kitten

Week in and week out I take some breather from writing tech articles for a change! Check out some stories I read yesterday.

Kidnappers return 'Stinky' Dog

A German shepherd named Aldo de Frescol, which was kidnapped last month was let off last week by its kidnappers at a veterinarian's office, saying the dog needed a bath. Think its funny? Oh! Wait till you read this..The dog was held for a ransom of $350,000.
Oh boy! I do know dogs can get really stinky. Grandma's dog comes to my mind. The last time I saw someone bathing him was a good 10 years ago!

Kitten survives spin in Washing-Machine

A 10 week old kitten, Molly, went for the spin of its lifetime in a washing machine and fortunately survived after its 11 year old owner saw it through the machine door.
After the machine was stopped, Molly was sitting and meowing but with closed eyes. She was later taken to a veterinary hospital where she is recovering well!
Now that is one hell of a plucky kitty..

Source Times of India

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, October 23, 2007