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Extract Screenshots from Movies

Here's a nice little Windows application that let's you grab screenshots from a movie or video file. 'Free Video to JPG Converter' can be used to take snapshots and extract frames from a video file with a few mouse clicks.
And guess what? As you can make out from the name of the program, it is Free!

The software allows us to take snapshots in two ways. Either you can take shots of frames by clicking the 'Make Snapshot' button, or you can set the program to automatically extract frames periodically; For example, you can extract every hundredth video frame or frames in every 10 seconds or just every frame.

The application is quite simple to use and runs on Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
[Download Free Video to JPG Converter]

Oh! And if you are looking for a geeky way of taking snapshots from movies, check out the post on How to Capture Video Snapshots from Windows Media Player.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, November 02, 2007