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Deactivate Thumbnail cache in Windows

Why is the Thumbs.db file created?
When you view a folder in 'Thumbnail' view for the very first time, a thumbnail cache is created by Windows and stored as thumbs.db. It is basically a database of the tiny images of files/folders you usually see in 'Thumbnail view'.

Do you need it?
It is not harmful at all. In fact, removing it will save you some space (if space is a problem for you). Once removed, the thumbnail images will be a bit slow to load.

How to stop Windows from creating it?
Creating a thumbs.db file is the default behaviour of Windows. The steps to make it stop are -

1. Open any folder.
2. Go to Tools >> Folders Options. Click the View Tab.
3. Tick 'Do not cache Thumbnails'.
4. Press Ok.

How to remove existing Thumbs.db files?
Just do a full system search for 'Thumbs.db' and delete them.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, November 01, 2007