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Tools to AutoUpdate Installed Software Programs

Tired of checking software download sites for new versions of your favourite software? Well, then the following applications and services will help you a great deal.
These tools are software update checkers which scans for software installed in your computer and informs you if there are any newer versions available. You can then download and upgrade if you want. All of them are free..

FileHippo Update Checker
FileHippo Update Checker scans your computer, collects the version information of installed software and sends it to the server to check for updates. After the system is scanned, a list of newer releases of the software is generated for you.
The list is generated in a browser window making it easy for you to download. And all this is Free!

UpdateStar certainly has got the biggest list of all. UpdateStar can detect 80,000 softwares which includes Freewares, Sharewares and other commercial software products. If your computer has got any of the 80,000 softwares installed, UpdateStar will let you know when a update is available. Oh yes! it's Free.

AppSnap is also very similar to FileHippo with a few pros and cons. AppSnap doesn't just provide a list of links to download new versions of softwares, but it can automatically download and install them for you in one step. The only problem is it doesn't seem to have a software list as big a FileHippo. The user interface can be a little better though.

Win-Get is an automatic software install system for Windows written in Pascal for the command line client and in Php for the online one.
Win-Get works by connecting to a link repository of newer releases. It then finds & downloads the updates from stored links. Win-Get then performs a silent or standard installation and deletes the install file. It is Free!

Secunia Personal Software Inspector
Secunia PSI is free for home and private use only. It detects and advises you on 4700 software applications. It checks installed softwares and categorizes them as Insecure, End-of-Life or Up-to-Date.
Secunia PSI provides direct download links to security updates & patches for software labeled by it as Insecure or End-of-Life. It also provides a secure SSL connection to Secunia.

Appupdater is provided by with additional features than the above. Notably, support for offline use through a USB drive, fully automatic upgrades with daily checks and without any user intervention, support for upgrades in a corporate environment, Install, Upgrade, or Remove software.

RadarSync not just updates your software, but also takes care of the drivers in your computer. Check out my earlier post of RadarSync.

DriverAgent is a free online application that lets you find upgrades for device drivers in your PC. DriverAgent works by identifying a computer's hardware configuration and helps you find whether a new driver is available. DriverAgent doesn't install drivers. That has to be done by the user.
Since it is a web application, DriverAgent works within a browser. So you don't need to install additional software for it. Except Safari, DriverAgent supports almost all of the browsers available today.

That's all I could compile for you. If you know of any similar programs, please let everyone know with your comments.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, November 11, 2007


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