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Know Web Chat Acronyms like 'lol'...

lol, idk, asap, a/s/l! Confused with these abbreviations? Probably not!
Most of you may be familiar with the above 'Net Slangs' or 'Net Lingo' used almost everywhere. But there are many who just don't or can't get along with the rapidly evolving 'Net Language'.

Ok! How and Where can I understand this sort of gobbledegook?
Here's one service which will be of great help. It's
NoSlang is a translator that converts these type of Net slangs or acronyms to its conventional meaning; for example, 'lol' translates to 'laughing out loud'.

So, when you receive a chat message from a friend and don't quite understand it, just copy the entire message, paste it in the NoSlang Translator box and get its meaning with the click of a button.
Apart from translating, NoSlang also provides a Dictionary, NetSpeak guide and a search service to quickly find similar words.
Oh! And you can also suggest new words to NoSlang.


Besides NoSlang, you may also want to check out the Internet Dictionary at
NetLingo doesn't have a translator at this point of time but offers most of the other services that NoSlang has. A NetLingo toolbar for your Web browser is also available (Who would want a browser toolbar for this? I wonder!).


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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, November 09, 2007