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Capture/Record/Save Streaming Online Flash Video from 'ANY' Website

To save streaming flash video files from popular sites like YouTube, Google Video..etc isn't a big deal anymore. There are lots of software tools & web services available for that! However, each one of them only support a limited number of sites.

But what if you want to download video files from sites that aren't supported by these softwares & web services? Oh yes! It can be done with a small software called WebVideoCap.
Basically, when you are seeing a video in your web browser, the video is first cached by the browser. And WebVideoCap creates a video file from this cache.

Here's how you can capture flash video files with this software:
1. Run WebVideoCap and specify a folder where you want to save the flash video (flv) file. Click the 'Start Capture' button.
2. Now, open your browser and go to the site where the video is located and play it within the browser.
3. When the browser completes playing the video inside the Webpage, WebVideoCap saves the video file in the folder you specified earlier. After finishing, click the 'Stop Capture' button in WebVideoCap.

You can now play the video file in a flash video player.

1. One limitation is if the video is already in your browser cache, WebVideoCap won't save it. To overcome this, you have to clear the browser cache, start capturing from WebVideoCap again & reload the video web page.
2. Only flash videos can be saved. Other streaming media types aren't supported at this point.

WebVideoCap is a very small and easy to use utility with no installation required. Best of all, its Free! This one is certainly for the non-geeks.

Tested with Firefox on Windows XP. This should also work with Internet Explorer.
[Download WebVideoCap (Windows Only)]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, December 02, 2007


Comment by Anonymous Anonymous on November 11, 2009 at 4:37 PM  
One aspect of a comprehensive search engine optimization implementation is the use of optimized video content. Google having come up with new algorithms alongwith universal search features, now one will do best to optimize not only the said website but also all available digital assets, such as videos. Additionally one can, for example, embed on one’s site the videos placed on You Tube. (Google seems to give them most relevance!)
Comment by Anonymous Anonymous on October 25, 2010 at 11:57 PM  
Ant video downloader from is also a very brilliant tool to download streaming videos from any site.
Verry good software! Thank you!
Are there any updated tools for this? I was trying to capture a .FLV video and encountered multiple problems. google throws up a lot of sites that provide such softwares, but there is no independent rating indicating whether the S/W is free from trojans etc.