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Automatically Paste (Copied Text) to Notepad

Here's what I usually do when I want to copy some text quickly from a web page or file - Select the paragraph or text , Press Ctrl + C (or Right-click the selected text and press Copy), Open Notepad, and finally Paste it in the opened file.
This is what most of us do!

Wanna be more productive with a quicker way? It is possible to reduce the steps mentioned above, thanks to a small but useful application called Send To Notepad.

Send To Notepad is a light weight program that sits in the Windows system tray. To copy some text to notepad -
Select and copy any text, double click the Send To Notepad icon in the system tray. This opens a new Notepad file with the text you had copied.
There is not need to open a notepad file and paste the text; it is done automatically.

Quick and easy. Isn't it?

[Download Send To Notepad]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, January 25, 2008