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Recover Accidently Closed Windows Programs

Yes, this happens most of the time with me; especially as I keep many programs, folders and documents open at the same time. A mis click and dammit, the wrong program is terminated.
And I guess situations like this maybe familiar to some of you too.

Wouldn't it be nice if there is some quick and easy way to re-open the file or application you closed accidentally? Yeah! You can always open the closed program like you usually do, but a quicker way to do it doesn't hurt..

Recovering the closed file or program is possible. This is where a program called 'GoneIn60s' comes in handy. This program works by delaying the shutdown of a particular application. When you close a file or program, GoneIn60s gives you the option to recover it.

GoneIn60s sits in the system tray of Windows. To recover any recently closed application, just right-click GoneIn60s and select the program you wish to recover.
However, a program can only be recovered within 60 seconds, as it the default timeout period. The timeout can however be changed. Additionally, you don't have to install this software; just download and run it.

[Download GoneIn60s]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, January 04, 2008