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Easy Way to Open Different Pages Each Day in Firefox

Morning Coffee is a Firefox addon which lets you assign webpages or sites to start when you click a 'Day'. It just gives you a nice way to de-clutter your favourite bookmarks by clubbing them together under 'Days'.

For example, if there are three sites set for 'Sunday', click the 'Sunday' menu item in Morning Coffee; And if it is indeed a Sunday, all the three site will be opened.
An option is also provided to open pages everyday.

A neat way to organize yourself while surfing the net. What do you think?

Via Ghacks
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, February 26, 2008
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Open Multiple Programs with One Click

Here's a nice way to save some time. This tip will open many applications simultaneously and that too with a single click (or double-click depending on your Windows settings). The trick is to create a batch file that will fire up several programs.

How to create the batch file?

1. Open Notepad.

2. Type @echo off in the first line.

3. The next lines are used to refer to the executable files that you intend to run For example, if you want to start Notepad and Calculator together, use the following lines -
start %SystemRoot%\system32\calc.exe
start %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
(The location of the executable file be provided are the 'start' keyword)

4. Now the contents of the file will look something like this -
@echo off
start %SystemRoot%\system32\calc.exe
start %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe

5. The last but important step; Save the file with a .bat extension.

When the newly created batch file is clicked, all the applications defined in it will start together.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, February 24, 2008
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Get Vista-like Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows XP

Windows Vista introduced a neat feature which displayed thumbnail images of all active programs in the taskbar. Want to have this in your Windows XP PC? VisualTaskTips can do it for you.

VisualTaskTips is a small utility that brings this feature to Windows XP.
All you have to do is, install and start it. To see image previews of all the minimized windows in the Windows Taskbar, just hover the mouse over any of them and a small image will appear before you.

VisualTaskTips is Free for non-commercial use. So all you XP freaks, just go grab it!
To run Visual Task Tips, Windows XP or Vista (Classic theme) is required.

[Download VisualTaskTips]
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, February 20, 2008
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Make Deleted Files 'Unrecoverable' in Windows

Want to safely delete confidential data from your computer? Offcourse! Files can be easily deleted by pressing Shift + Del. But do you know deleted files can be recovered using file recovery tools?
Yes! Each and every recently deleted file can be potentially brought back. This is because the actual file is not completely deleted from the system.

That's not bad at all. However, these recovery tools can be a headache if you want to delete data permanently and don't want anyone else to recover it. This is where CyberShredder comes in handy.

CyberShredder is a nifty little utility that makes files unrecoverable. Even the best recovery software may not be able to get back the file. With a neat drag-n-drop interface, one only has to drag a file to the small CyberShredder window and that's it; the file is gone forever. Forget about getting it back.

[Download CyberShredder]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, February 13, 2008
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Easily Remove Preloaded Software from PCs and Laptops

Just got yourself a new PC? A new computer comes loaded with lots of annoying software which you probably will never use. Its always a good idea to remove some of these unwanted softwares.
Removing them manually takes time, and you won't even know which ones to remove. This is where PC De-Crapifier proves to be handy, especially for Dell PCs.

PC De-Crapifier is a small utility program that can remove unwanted softwares in a quick and simple way.
From a usability point of view, it is really very easy to handle.
A wizard like interface is provided which displays a list of softwares from which you can choose the ones to be removed. Hitting the 'Next' button will clean your PC. The entire cleaning process occurs with the help of the wizard.

PC De-Crapifier can run on Windows XP and Vista machines. Free for personal use, this is a must for anyone who uses a Dell PC.

Note: According to the author website, PC De-Crapifier is written in a scripting language which will cause Anti-Virus programs to warn you. These warnings can be ignored.

[Download PC De-Crapifier]
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, February 08, 2008
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