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Make Deleted Files 'Unrecoverable' in Windows

Want to safely delete confidential data from your computer? Offcourse! Files can be easily deleted by pressing Shift + Del. But do you know deleted files can be recovered using file recovery tools?
Yes! Each and every recently deleted file can be potentially brought back. This is because the actual file is not completely deleted from the system.

That's not bad at all. However, these recovery tools can be a headache if you want to delete data permanently and don't want anyone else to recover it. This is where CyberShredder comes in handy.

CyberShredder is a nifty little utility that makes files unrecoverable. Even the best recovery software may not be able to get back the file. With a neat drag-n-drop interface, one only has to drag a file to the small CyberShredder window and that's it; the file is gone forever. Forget about getting it back.

[Download CyberShredder]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Wednesday, February 13, 2008


actually.. Spybot S&D has a file shredder as well. It's not standalone of course, but with the Spyware Scanner/Blocker, it's a nice bonus to an amazing piece of software.
Sygnate - Thanks for letting us know about that. Spybot S&D also includes a minesweeper like game which is hidden.