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Easily Remove Preloaded Software from PCs and Laptops

Just got yourself a new PC? A new computer comes loaded with lots of annoying software which you probably will never use. Its always a good idea to remove some of these unwanted softwares.
Removing them manually takes time, and you won't even know which ones to remove. This is where PC De-Crapifier proves to be handy, especially for Dell PCs.

PC De-Crapifier is a small utility program that can remove unwanted softwares in a quick and simple way.
From a usability point of view, it is really very easy to handle.
A wizard like interface is provided which displays a list of softwares from which you can choose the ones to be removed. Hitting the 'Next' button will clean your PC. The entire cleaning process occurs with the help of the wizard.

PC De-Crapifier can run on Windows XP and Vista machines. Free for personal use, this is a must for anyone who uses a Dell PC.

Note: According to the author website, PC De-Crapifier is written in a scripting language which will cause Anti-Virus programs to warn you. These warnings can be ignored.

[Download PC De-Crapifier]
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, February 08, 2008