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Save And Restore Desktop Icons To Original Positions

One of the things I always found missing in Windows was the ability (or lack of it) to 'remember' the positions of Desktop icons for the currently used screen resolution.
If your PC is shared by others who change the resolution set by you. Boom! The icons on the desktop get misplaced; even if the settings are changed to the default resolution.
This gets very annoying if there are lots of icons spread over the Desktop.

How to Save and Restore the position of icons on the Desktop?

Use DesktopOK. It is a small and easy to use tool that saves the positions of Desktop icons for each screen resolutions. And restoring it is as easy.
All you have to do is run it and click the Save and Restore buttons for the respective actions.

During the tests, the restore feature didn't place all the icons in their original positions (when first clicked). One or two were misplaced, but it worked when restore was clicked again.

[Download DesktopOK]
posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, March 09, 2008