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Find And Remove Duplicate Files To Save Space

Duplicates! They are all over the place, especially when there are too many audio/video files in your PC, duplicates of some of those will exist elsewhere (May be because you Copied[Copy and Paste] them from location to another instead of Moving[Cut and Paste]) .
Hard Disk storage getting cheaper and size bigger only compounds the problem. More the files, more the chances of their clones.
And the biggest problem is finding those duplicates, forget removing them. Windows Search is anyway out of the picture here.

There are a lot of software tools available to find duplicate files. What I was looking for was a free and simple utility to find duplicate files that gives me the option to delete them easily. And I think I got one.
It's called Duplicate File Sweeper.

Using it is very easy. To scan a location for duplicates, add that path by clicking the Add Path button. Browse and select the folder you want to scan.
Click 'Start Search' and the program will scan for duplicates in the folder provided by you.
Duplicate files, if found, will be listed below from where users can choose to delete them.

Duplicate File Sweeper works with Windows XP and Vista. It is Free!

[Download Duplicate File Sweeper (927 KB)]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hmmm..I'm afraid it might delete the files with same name but having different function. Especially those with the OS files. Anyway, nice review dude :)
@vrempire - Thanks for giving your views. Tools like these are good for finding duplicate media files. OS files, anyway, shouldn't eat up too much space as audio or video files usually do.